Reviews from our Happy Pet Lovers

My dog is doing so much dog pasiley say bark bark..I'm feeling better.Dr Smith rocks!

Bridget Keck Avatar
Bridget Keck

Dr. Smith was patient and explained my dog's condition and his recommendation in great detail.

ming tai Avatar
ming tai

John is one of the best! 40+ years he has cared for my dogs! Through just about everything!!!

Eric Mjcbael Avatar
Eric Mjcbael

My elderly golden retriever was losing the use of his back legs. Dr. Smith put him on a diet, prescribed supplements, and now he's enjoying life again at nearly 13. I totally recommend Petcare.

Barbara Melvin Avatar
Barbara Melvin

We love this place! Dr. Smith is honest, smart, thinks out of the box, and great with our dog. The staff is also amazing, because my pet is not easy to deal with, and they are wonderful with him - he trusts them. They are all kind, and caring. They spend a lot of time with us, we never feel rushed, and they explain everything. Very responsive. Highly recommend!

Lauren Sherick Avatar
Lauren Sherick

Excellent vet. Our dog has hypothyroidism and she's been able to live a healthy and normal life thanks to the care she's received here from Dr. Smith. Definitely recommend taking your pets here for quality, holistic and traditional medical care.

JM K Avatar

5 star ratingWere it not for Dr. John, we would have lost our standard Poodle several years ago. He was only 8, but was having bad issues that had us concerned to the point of having to put him to sleep. We had heard from someone that this was the place to take him (after we had tried several other places touting themselves to be holistic). We took him there, and found out not only what the issue was, but how to help him. Now, he's 13 years old (very long lived for a Standard Poodle), and still plays like he's 2. I can't say enough good about the team at Petcare; we usually recommend them to anyone that is looking for a vet.

Bill F. Avatar
Bill F.

5 star ratingAlthough he is touted as "the dog doctor," I can't say enough about Dr. John and his care of my two cats. Sparky had a heart condition which has all but cleared up after he prescribed Hawthorn berry for him. I have an older rescued cat, as well. He and his staff are super gentle when she had to have a dental several years ago. I thought she needed another one, but Dr. John assured me that was needed were some supplements to clear up her bad breath. The only negative aspect I can find about his practice, is that he doesn't get much repeat business from me because my pets are so darn healthy! That is definitely due to his direction, as my exclusive veterinarian and pet nutrition consultant.

Anna W. Avatar
Anna W.

5 star ratingWe took our miniature schnauzer to Dr. Smith after using a pesticide based tick and flea application. He had adverse side effects that required medical attention. Our usual vet didn't associate the symptoms with the product, but Dr. Smith diagnosed it immediately. We went on a detox regime and we started seeing improvement within days. It is this kind of out of the box thinking that will keep us coming back. When you feel your vet isn't listening, give Dr. Smith a call!

Susan B. Avatar
Susan B.