The First Day of Fall- Winter is Coming

As I was feeding the horses this morning, I noticed they were beginning to get their winter coats. Right on schedule as this is the first day of fall. The transition from summer to winter is a slow process that takes several weeks. Outwardly it is apparent as the hair coat changes in preparation for cold weather. There are internal changes which must be made to enable the animal to survive winter. Miles of capillaries must be absorbed and, then, re-routed to direct blood away from the skin in order to conserve heat. This places a tremendous physiologic demand on the animal. It is especially important for older animals. Most people recognize the need for protein and vitamins which animals experience during the fall, but are not aware of great demand for cellular energy this process creates. Cellular energy is created by intracellular organelles called mitochondria. In older animals, especially, mitochondrial support is very important at this time of year. There are many mitochondrial support products available. We recommend Mitochondrial ATP by Pure Encapsulations.

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