A Most Unusual Case of Chronic Vomiting

An 18 month old, neutered male Boston Terrier presented with a long history of chronic vomiting. The dog was treated with the usual medications and would be better for a while. His diet had been changed several times. He would improve with each change, but after a couple weeks would begin vomiting again.

The history suggested chronic gastritis due to food allergies. A food allergy panel showed allergies to many foods. A Stool Microbial Profile showed major deficiencies in probiotic bacteria- but no pathogens. A hypoallergenic diet and probiotic were started. He was normal for a few weeks, but the vomiting began again.

A Snap CPL test was abnormal- suggesting pancreatitis. A CBC was within normal limits. A chemistry panel revealed a mild elevation in ALT ( liver enzyme) and very low serum chloride. He was treated for pancreatitis and responded well.

Two months later the vomiting began again. At this point, it was clear the dog was suffering from something unusual. A Urine Essential Elements panel was run since the serum chloride had been low. Low serum chloride can be associated with hypochlorhydria ( low stomach acid). Iodine is essential for the production of stomach acid so a Urine Halides Panel was run. 90% of the time the Urine Halides Panel shows elevated fluoride- which can block iodine. In this case, urine fluoride was normal, but urine iodine was so low that none could be detected. Iodine supplement and betaine HCl (stomach acid) were started. At recheck 3 months later, the dog continues to do well.

SSKI- An Old Drug Reconsidered

SSKI(super saturated potassium iodide) is an old drug that has been largely forgotten over the years. In the early 20th century, it was the medication most commonly prescribed by physicians. A medical maxim from that time gives some idea how commonly it was used- “if ye know not what, where or why, prescibe ye then K & I.”

I became interested in it because of personal thyroid problems- which SSKI has largely resolved. Thank you, Dr. Google! In addition to thyroid dysfunctions, SSKI can be used for many different conditions. It is effective against fungal diseases such as ringworm, athlete’s foot, and sporotrichosis. It also will resolve sebaceous cysts.

SSKI can be used against other infections. Urinary tract infections respond well. It will often help with respiratory infections. It can be applied to gums to treat gingivitis. It is probably effective against any infectious agent- that’s why it is used as a disinfectant. There are many other indications for the use of SSKI that apply more to humans than pets.

SSKI is also effective in removing toxic halides (fluoride and bromine) form the body. Fluoride toxicity appears to be much more common in dogs than the literature would suggest. We have now tested 14 dogs for urine halides. All but one has shown elevated fluoride levels in their urine. The exact significance of this is not known at this time. I’ll keep you posted as to our experience. Theoretically, elevated fluoride affects many body organs. It might even be a major contributor to food allergies. We will see.