Recommended Supplements

I am frequently asked what supplements I recommend. If the goal is cancer prevention or lifelong maximum functionality, I recommend the following: 1.) multiple vitamin such as Nutrient 950 by Pure Encapsulations, 2.) probiotic such as Pro 5 by Klaire Labs, 3.) vitamin C, 4.) MSM, 5.) Potassium/Magnesium by Pure Encapsulations, 6.) flaxseed oil such as Barlean’s Organic (non-lignan), 7.) iodine, and 8.) NAC (n-acetyl-cysteine).

As a pet ages, there are two functional issues that are of central importance. The first is getting enough of the “right” things into the body. The second is getting the “wrong” things out of the body. If these two things can be achieved, maximum function is attained- and maintained.

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