Cancer prevention

Cancer is a disease caused by genetic mutation. The New England Journal of Medicine stated in an article published in 2000: “Cancer results from the accumulation of mutations in genes that regulate cell proliferation. Human studies show that 70% of gene mutations are environmental and are  relatively controllable based on what we eat, whether we smoke, or exposure to genotoxins or radiation. The most prevalent cause of environmental genetic mutation is the food we eat”.

Food is related to cancer in several ways. Even healthy foods contain small amounts of carcinogens, but they also contain antimutagenic agents such as indole-3-carbinols, the chlorophylls, and chlorophyllin. Antimutagens are associated more with fruits and vegetables. Cooking foods at high temperatures causes production of heterocyclic amines, which have been linked to prostate, colorectal, esophageal, lung, liver, and other cancers. Selection of ingredients and method of preparation are major concerns in preventing cancer.

Highly processed foods are considered by many nutritionists to be pro-inflammatory. In my experience the benefits of raw food greatly out weigh the risk of infection that concerns many experts. But the greatest source of inflammation in the body is often food hypersensitivities. We now recognize an “epidemic” of food hypersensitivities in both the human and animal populations. It is unclear if this is a new phenomenon or has simply been unrecognized. Excessive levels of inflammation influence many disease processes, including cancer.

file7151237170182Given the centrality of food to health and well being, we recommend home prepared diets made from ingredients of high quality that are minimally processed. Food hypersensitivities can often be recognized if one is aware of the typical symptoms associated with them. In addition to dermatitis, dogs may experience vomiting and/or diarrhea if they eat foods they are sensitive to. It is important to remember that virtually any symptom may be associated with food hypersensitivities. Thus, it is often necessary to do a food allergy panel in order to develop a hypoallergenic diet.

The body has a tremendous capacity to endure insults and injuries.

Genetic mutations occur in all of us daily. These precursors of cancer are resolved before disease occurs, if all body systems are in balance and no significant nutrient deficiencies exist. For those desiring a sophisticated, comprehensive approach to caner prevention, we recommend the 6 Steps to Ultimate Health program.

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