Minerals and elements

Often referred as minerals, elements are fundamental to almost every function in the body. They join together in crystalline structures to form bone, are responsible for nerve impulses, and serve at the heart of many enzymes to direct chemical processes.

file000581224278Because nutrient elements play diverse and vital roles, imbalances are frequently found to be factors in degenerative diseases. Since the body cannot manufacture the elements- and daily losses are unavoidable- nutrient elements are all “essential” and must be regularly taken in through diet or supplementation. Some elements can accumulate in tissues causing toxic effects. A toxic burden of lead, cadmium, mercury, or arsenic can cause considerable damage to the brain and nervous system.

The assessment of elements in your pets body is indicated in cases of seizures, weakness, hypertension, musculoskeletal disease, functional hypothyroidism, alopecia, cardiomyopathy, glucose intolerance and arrhythmias.

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