Day 2 on Ribose

Yesterday I took 25 grams of ribose along with thyroid medication and hydrocortisone. I had so much energy, I could not get to sleep when I tried to take a nap. So, I decided that today I would take just ribose. I feel just as energized- and my body temp. is 98.1- without any medication or supplement. For the past 5 or 6 years, my temp. has been 97.3. Historically, it was 98.6.

The significance of this is that the increased energy produced by thyroid medication and hydrocortisone is accomplished by increasing metabolic rate and blood glucose levels. In terms of cellular metabolism, this means that cells are fermenting glucose and not using oxidative phosphorylation to produce energy. Fermentation does not produce nearly as much energy as oxidation. Furthermore, fermentation is characteristic of cancer cells. Having one’s cells fermenting, rather than oxidizing, just might be the first step to developing cancer. Don’t know, but gonna try and find out. Also don’t know how common this problem is. But do know that almost everyone with any gray hair complains of lack of energy. Ribose is dirt cheap. 1/2 lb. costs about $25 on Amazon. Ribose supplementation is more physiologic that thyroid or adrenal medications- and you do not need a doctor’s permission.

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