Chronic Fatigue

Those of you who are familiar with functional medicine will not be surprised that I, a veterinarian, spend a lot of time reading the functional medicine literature about people. I am always looking for new ideas to help my patients- as well as myself. I have recently been dealing with my own low body temperature, which has been a major concern considering the record cold winter in Ann Arbor this year. After a great deal of searching, I finally found a book that addressed the issue. The book is “Stop the Thyroid Madness” by Janie A. Bowthorpe. In addition to inabilty to maintain body temperature, the book addresses chronic fatigue. I have suffered with chronic fatigue for almost 20 years- but no more! The STTM approach to adrenal and thyroid dysfunction is something I wish I had found years ago- Oh well. I recommend it to anyone suffering with fatigue, exhaustion, depression, etc. Many older pets also suffer from the same problems. I am hopeful addressing adrenal and thyroid issues using the STTM protocol will greatly increase the quality of life for older pets.

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