At- Home Screening Test for Thyroid Disease in Dogs

Thyroid disease is common in dogs as they age. They often become hypothyroid. Typical symptoms are decreased energy or outright lethargy, a dry dull coat with a lot of dandruff, and heat- seeking behavior or cold avoidance. If you think your dog may be hypothyroid, take her temperature first thing in the morning. If it is under 100 degrees for several days, hypothyroidism is possible. A thyroid panel will confirm (or deny) your suspicions, and indicate appropriate treatment.

Thyroid abnormalities

Did you know 80% of the dogs we’ve tested thyroid on, most showing no symptoms, have come back with abnormalities in their thyroid levels? Dr. Smith has started them on thyroid support supplements to give the body the raw materials it needs. This is because the thyroid affects everything in the body at a cellular level! Call us for more information or to make an appointment to have your dog tested!